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the process of Securing a license for your cannabiz is daunting

With moving parts, lots of planning, and hefty fees that can quickly add up, the application process is no joke, especially when paying a large “one-stop shop” for a high-priced application product.

Most cannabis consulting agencies only provide their clients with pre-written forms and standardized business plans.

A. Nath Consulting is different. 

a boutique firm for 




seeking to grow their high-end cannabiz. 

we produce custom application materials for the government licensing process of cannabis facilities.

Our firm will work with you during the entire application process to ensure your business is handled with tailored care. Our goal is to help you legitimize your business within the state without wasting time, money, or other precious resources.

We know how hard you work. And we know what your business means to you. That’s why we don’t take our role lightly. Licensing is a legal process, and your application needs to be both compliant and compelling.

That’s why every application team is equipped with a lawyer who knows the law and understands the process. Don’t spend $100,000’s for cookie cutter writing. Let us help, and get your custom application work done for a fraction of the cost.

As lawyers, we understand the law.

As entrepreneurs, we understand business.

As advocates, we understand cannabis.

Learn more about our founder here.